What is the temperature resistance of magnets used in brushless motors?

The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. Brushless motors use a set of electronic equipment to sense the position of permanent magnet poles through Hall elements. Based on this perception, electronic circuits are used to switch the direction of the current in the coils in a timely manner to ensure that the magnetic force in the correct direction is generated to drive the motor. .


Today, I mainly talked about the temperature resistance of brushless motor magnets. Xiaobian also encountered a lot of friends asking how much temperature resistance is needed for brushless motor magnets?

Answer: The magnets used in brushless motors generally have a temperature resistance of 120 ° -150 °. NdFeB is classified according to temperature: M (80-100 °), H (100-120 °), SH (120-150 °), UH (150-180 °), EH (180-200 °).

What about brushless motor magnet surface treatment?      Brushless motor magnets generally choose electroplated nickel, and some neodymium-iron-boron tile magnets choose passivation and phosphating.      Let me tell you, not all magnets can be called motor magnets. First, it must be resistant to high temperatures, and second, it must have strong suction performance. N38H is the most standard. Our company only has brand new goods, no refurbishment, no need for poor materials.

Post time: Mar-19-2020