Rare earth quotations continue to rise, Myanmar’s rare earths still ban exports

Under the influence of the epidemic, the overall rare earth industry has not yet fully resumed production. Logistics, epidemic prevention and other factors have seriously hindered the transaction of rare earth products after the year. However, the prices of mainstream products such as praseodymium and neodymium have continued to rise.

Insufficient downstream inventory and few companies that can guarantee sales and logistics at present, upstream companies continue to try to increase. With the continuous easing of logistics and the continuous expansion of the rate of return to work, future transactions will gradually improve, and upstream competition will also gradually develop. Under the effects of the two, praseodymium and neodymium products are currently stable, and the increase in speed and amplitude is relatively moderate.

Compared to dysprosium neodymium, dysprosium quotations are rising faster. After the holiday, each company raised the rate by different degrees, but the holders ’confidence in the market outlook is relatively sufficient. Myanmar ’s rare earth exports remain banned as the main reason to support its confidence.

In December of last year, Myanmar unilaterally announced a ban on domestic rare earth exports. After several changes, it has not changed fundamentally. At the beginning of 2020, China was invited to visit Myanmar. The two sides reached more economic and trade agreements. China continued to expand imports of Burmese rice and other products. However, according to recent information, Myanmar has not yet opened its domestic rare earth exports due to China’s active goodwill. The duration has not been determined.

The Sino-US dispute over rare earths has affected the form and pattern of rare earths in the world. The United States continues to support and attract third-party rare earth forces. Myanmar’s move will inevitably lead some industry insiders to associate with it.

Relevant agencies predict that Myanmar’s attitude towards rare earths is still unclear, but according to domestic companies’ feedback, there are many obstacles to the import of rare earths from Myanmar after the holiday. The products are currently only at a moderately high price in history. There is still room for further product growth.

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Post time: Mar-05-2020