Introduction to the use of sintered ferrite magnet

Ferrite permanent magnet materials are divided into sintering and injection molding (bonding). Among them, sintering is divided into dry pressing and wet pressing. This is a general classification of ferrite hard magnetic. Of course, ferrite is also soft Magnetic, not to introduce here, today mainly talk about hard magnetic sintered (ceramic) ferrite magnets.

The use of sintered ferrite magnets may be the first time everyone thinks of horn speakers. Indeed, many of these types are used, and many people may have strong magnets for the first time. They may also be used on some audio speakers, headphones, and speakers.

So where is sintered ferrite often used?

1. Automotive motor.

Such as automobile starter motor, fuel pump motor, fan motor, wiper motor, window motor, lifting glass motor, etc.

2.Household appliances

Such as air conditioner, TV, washing machine, dishwasher, range hood, notebook, treadmill, massager, VCD / DVD, etc.

3. Speaker

This is more, such as various audio, speakers, handsets.


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5.Smart home

Door magnetic sensors, magnetic levitation products, electric curtains, intelligent security systems, dishwashers, intelligent floor mopping robots, etc.

6.Packaging and printing

Moon cake box, color box, packing box, gift box, cosmetic box, tissue box.

7, electronic hardware

Hardware accessories, hardware accessories.

8. Crafts

Such as badges, badges, white boards.


Plush toys, magnetic toys, magnetic darts, magnetic blackboards, etc.

10.Water pump

Such as fish tank water pump, circulation pump, drain pump rotor, energy-saving water pump, submersible pump, deep water pump, etc.

The effects of small ferrites are really not small. The above are just some of the ferrite uses listed by the editor. Due to the fragile nature of ferrites, be careful when handling them during production and transportation.

Post time: Mar-05-2020